Sarah Fakhoury


PhD candidate at Washington State University using medical imaging to explore the cognitive impact of programming languages and tools
My research is supported by the NSF (I and II) and a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship.

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Recognized as Best Graduate Student Researcher by the Washington State University EECS deparment
Recipient the 2020 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship
Recipient of the Mahmoud M. Dillsi Family Graduate Fellowship
Recipient of the ESEC/FSE 2018 NSF Travel Grant from the University of Central Florida
Recipient of the SWAN 2018 NSF Student Travel Grant
Recipient of the Grace Hopper Celebration Scholarship
Our paper “The Effect of Poor Source Code Lexicon on Developers’ Cognitive Load” (Inproceeding) Proceedings of the International Conference on Program Comprehension has been awarded the ICPC Distinguished Paper Award
Recipient of the MurExcellence Grant for Academic Achievement, Awarded by MUREX
Winner of the American University of Beirut, Best Computer Science Final Year Project Award