Sarah Fakhoury

Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Washington State University.

Advised by Dr. Venera Arnaoudova

My research is supported by the NSF I - II and a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship.

Office: Sloan 326

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I am a PhD candidate at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University, advised by Dr. Venera Arnaoudova in the Software Engineering Lab.

My research lies at the intersection of Cognitive Neuroscience and Software Engineering. I explore new ways to model the cognitive processes of developers to 1) improve our understanding and quantify the cognitive cost and impact of various software artifacts 2) harness it to improve practices, languages, and tools that developers use on a day to day basis.

My dissertation emphasizes the need for user-centered software design and proposes a novel framework for objective measures of program comprehension through the combined use of brain imaging and eye tracking technology. My work demonstrates how such a framework can be used to create more objective neural-based models of program comprehension that allow us to quantify the cognitive impact of software artifacts that negatively effect developer productivity.

Prior to attending Washington State University, I received my bachelor degree in Computer Science from the American University of Beirut. I am currently supported by a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship.

Estimated graduation: Spring 2022.

Areas of specialization: Empirical Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Program Comprehension, Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience.